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Cladding Respray

Professional Cladding Respray

GT Decorators offer their cladding paint spraying service across the UK to commercial, industrial and construction industry premises. Over the years exterior cladding can become weathered, discoloured or covered in algae. This can give an unprofessional image that can reflect badly with customers and clients. Re-spraying ageing and colour faded buildings is an excellent and cost effective way of bringing any commercial or industrial unit back to life.

We can provide an effective ‘facelift’ for factory units without the cost of replacing the cladding. We can help prepare properties ready for re-marketing, rental or sale. First impressions are important – don’t let potential customers be put off by poor external appearance.

We undertake a wide variety of jobs – from simple shop fronts to full scale transformation of buildings using low odour and fast drying materials where appropriate. Work can be undertaken out of hours, overnight or at weekends to minimise the disruption to your business.


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